About us

SriMithuru is a non for profit incorporated association of friends and their families living in Melbourne, who thrives at keeping friends together, improve awareness of our cultural background among the younger generation and contributing to the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka.
 It was originated in the year 2000 by the group of friends in Melbourne intending to keep a healthy relationship with the circle of family friends. SriMithuru has now grown to be an organisation connecting a large number of Sri Lankans living in Australia. The uniqueness of SriMithuru is its openness for any Sri Lankan, irrespective of their school, technical college or university studied in Sri Lanka and ability to contribute to its objectives.

SriMithuru provides an opportunity for kids to actively engage in regular events to educate and appreciate Sri Lankan traditional cultural values. These events allow young kids to interact with their friends while parents also enjoy some quality time together. Among the major activities that are organised annually by SriMithuru Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival, Cricket and Netball Tournament, Cultural and Entertainment Night, and Family Fun Day are noteworthy. SriMithuru Scholarship program was initiated in 2011 as a welfare program for helping selected underprivileged but talented children in Sri Lanka in continuing their school education. This program was first implemented with the financial contributions of a few families associated with SriMithuru. Today, SriMithuru awards 25 scholarships to needy students.

SriMithuru Annual Report 2013-2014

SriMithuru Annual Report 2014-2015