Scholarships Scheme

1. What is SriMithuru

SriMithuru is formed by enthusiastic group of friends and their families living in Melbourne, who thrives at keeping friends together, improve awareness of our cultural background among the younger generation and also help our mother nation when in need.

2. Objective of the Scholarship Program

Many families in our hometowns in Sri Lanka struggle to provide good education to their children. Even though every child gets basic educational needs from the Sri Lankan education system, many talented children fail to achieve their real potential because of the lack of financial support from their parents. As we all know, it is a struggle in Sri Lanka to live a decent life for a lower middle class and poor family. Many children who demonstrate greater skills in areas like education and sports cannot afford to continue with only support from parents. Most of these talented children could potentially achieve much higher goals if they get some additional financial support. The whole purpose of this program is to identify and support these children to achieve their educational, sporting and carrier goals during their early stages at school.

3. Who gets the benefit?

We have several reliable sources around the island to obtain applications from Sri Lanka. This includes personal contacts, school principals, teachers. Sponsors for the program also may introduce possible candidates for a scholarship for consideration. These applications will be assessed using our standard selection criteria which covers many aspects of their individual and family background. Possible areas for consideration in selecting a suitable candidate includes,

  • High achievers from year 5 scholarship
  • Family situation (Income and special circumstances)
  • Number of siblings in the family
  • Leadership qualities and achievements
  • Sporting achievements and participation
  • Educational performance.

4. Program

  • One scholarship will initially run for a one full year under normal conditions. Selected students will receive LKR 3500 payment per month.
  • It may be renewed purely with the decision of the panel of sponsors depending on the achievements of the student at the end of each year.
  • Students can potentially extend the scholarship until they reach their A/L exam if they satisfy set requirements of the eligibility.
  • However, individual sponsors, who introduced the child to the program, may continue to support the child for many years through the fund. Only continuing sponsors will have this option.

5. How do we monitor the progress

We get continuous feedback from the family or the child in these areas.

  • Send their quarterly reports via WhatsApp.
  • Follow up regularly about their progress through available media.

6. How to join the program

It is only AU$25 per month to sponsor a child.
Just talk to one of our friendly volunteers of the project. They are happy to explain it further.

Jayantha Warnakula - 0423 576 226
Udayasiri Senarath - 0447 273 048
Janath Gunasekara - 0411 200 895
Malin Rajapaksa - 0430 170 230