SriMithuru Bak Maha Ulela

Every year, the SriMithuru community puts on many festivities to celebrate the upcoming Sinhala/ Tamil New Year, one of the most important dates marked on our calendars.

Traditional outdoor games is one of the main events we organise in Melbourne. The day includes games like Kana Muttiya, Aliyata Eha Thebima, Kotta Pora, Sack(Goni) race, Lime and spoon race, Water filling, Balloon pipirawima, Three legged race, Kiri Keveema,  Idikatwata Nula demima, Egg throw, Tug of war, Volleyball, Marathon, Musical Chairs  and several short distance running races for younger kids.  SriMithuru is committed to organise a wide range of games to cater different age groups and keep them engaged throughout the day.  The highlight of the day is the Awurudu table with plenty of traditional food items.

New Year Celebrations end with a very colourful SriMithuru cultural and entertainment night.  The night aims at strengthening our existing friendship amongst us while welcoming new friends to the group, exposing our children to the much valued Sri Lankan cultural items by encouraging them to participate and perform on stage activities. Patrons are entertained by great range of variety of items including children’s dramas, dances and songs by the SriMithuru community. It is a team event dedicated by many families with their time and effort to achieve a positive outcome. A popular musical band (mostly Mystery or Flames) entertains the crowd after the dinner until late night.

Organising of these events regularly involves significant amount of dedication and hard work from the SriMithuru volunteers. Our community contributes every year in their full capacity by extending their experience and the expertise in different areas. We always welcome new faces and talents to make these events more exciting and memorable for our younger generation.

SriMithuru organises everything to the finest detail to ensure that everyone has fun and the true Sri Lankan culture remains throughout the Sri Lankan community of Melbourne. Everyone gets involved, whether it may be turning up to weekly practises for the entertainment night, performing on the stage, playing games and bringing food to the outdoor games festival, or training hard and fiercely competing against other teams in the cricket and netball competitions.