SriMithuru Family Fun Day - 2014

SriMithuru Family Fun Day was held on the Tuesday, 4th  of November (Melbourne Cup day) at  Jells Park, Waverley Netball Centre, Waverley Rd,

What a day it turned out to be.

Young at hearts saw the better of young ones in netball game. Dads were chasing the little men to stop the home runs. Truly a family and fun day

Sincere thanks go to all attendees and to be honest, the gathering was more than what we anticipated. This is a pleasing sight and encourages us
to add this event to our annual program.

Thanks to the weather god for allowing our weathermen go home with their heads high. Tireless volunteers deserve a big thank for catering the large
gathering and I'm sure the wood fire BBQ added a taste with a difference.

Hope to See you again in 2015 family fun day.